10 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Lead Conversion

If your Internet marketing isn’t going quite as well as you’d hoped, it might be that you’re not doing as well as you could be in converting leads. Converting leads is all about transforming web surfers and browsers into customers. If you’re experienced in marketing, you know how difficult converting leads in direct sales is, and it isn’t any easier online.

Conversion is what makes your business successful.

But with these 10 quick tips, you can almost instantly improve lead conversion.

You need to start working building relationship with your readers, Once you get the traffic, as soon as you get traffic.

You   need to show them that you care.  Build their trust and guidance that they are look for and assurance that they can reach their goals.

You need to connect with Your Leads Personally.

1.Through  Webinars.
Invite your leads to a Q& A webinars where they can ask you question on strategies in Marketing or your niche market.  That way you build relationship and trust with your readers and its also a great way to establish yourself as an expert.

Frebinar is a free online webinar service.  You can invite leads, customize registration forms, collect user info and to follow up. Word of Warning: Don’t beg or try to convince them. But instead refer them to the appropriate site and let them make their own decision withou you overloading them with to much information. lead conversion squared

2. Free Company Training
Invite your lead to a free weekly training session.  They can learn all about online marketing, how to take their marketing to the next level (despite whether they join your business or not).

3. Personal Calls.
As you soon as a prospect become your lead, a personally call is an excellent way to build trust.  It doesn’t have a bee a long call.

4. Staying in Touch
Online Marketing/network marketing is much like dating – The relationship need to be nurtured in order to keep it going and growing stronger. Here’s how you stay connected.

  • autoresponders and broadcasts – if you haven’t started broadcasting, then you better start now.
  • Social Networking

5. Email responds and Comments
A lot of Online marketers fail at this most important step. This should not take most of your time.  But if you take 30 min – 1hr, it will be valuable to your business

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